How To Make To-Do Lists that Actually Feel Good

I’m always kickin’ that S&S factor flow, right? That two-part approach to emotional wellness that is easily applied to any aspect of your life.  I stay on that vibe because I know it to be the glue that keeps me attached and committed to my career goals, my personal wellness goals, my financial goals, and of course, my intuition.

The S & S Factor:

Strategy—the actionables aka the moves that need to be made

Soulwork – the energy aka the decision that needs emotional nurturing

Most times that I’ve ever set out to do something without feeling connected to the Strategy and Soulwork of the thing, I have failed to accomplish that goal.

Other times, I may reach the goal, but I don’t feel good or excited or delighted or any of those feel-good feelings I look out for in my life.

You know what I mean, right? It’s not that everything needs to feel reaaaaallly good in order for me to do it, and I do some things that are simply about responsibility, and not necessarily about feeling good and juicy.

However, this radical self-expression work calls for the 70-30 rule in my life looks something like this:

Spend 70% of my life in good-and-juicy mode. This means I must be able to see a direct correlation between what I am doing (strategy) and how I want to feel (Soulwork).

The other 30% of my time, when I’m in alignment, is to be spent on the things I need to do, that may not be connected with my desired feeling in that moment (Strategy). Things like creating sales funnels, updating my driver’s license, washing clothes, taking classes, anything related to math (besides counting money), cooking things that take more that 15 minutes of kitchen time, ya know…those things.

What’s on your list of To-do’s and To-feels for this week?

I encourage you to give just as much attention to how you want to feel, as you tend to give to what you want to do. In other words, prioritize your feelings, Love—it’s completely okay to feel good while you work this week.

As for me, I’m gearing up for a good week. It’s heavy on feel-good, of course, and it’s my way of making sure that I’m working in alignment with whatever I say I want. This week’s flow is heavy on Strategy, which is fine by me. Many of the things on my Strategy spill over into soul work as well (like writing), so I’m feeling really optimistic about this week, and I hope you are too!

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