The Best-sold Lie: I’ll do it eventually. Probably.

WHO are you stifling as you read these words?

Please be honest. No one will hear you, but the one person who matters, so go ahead, answer with brutal honesty.

Is your Authentic Voice the one you use most, or is She the one who whispers to you, asking when she’ll have her turn to represent you fully and fearlessly?

I’m asking because I need you to ask yourself if She is gently tapping you on the shoulder, or whether you wear Her everyday as a light that precedes you when you enter a room, make a phone call, write a blog post, or step out on a leap of faith.

Spring is almost here, and my Authentic Voice and I have been conversing quite a bit these days. I am a believer in the connection of our bodies and this earth. For me, that comes with specific actions related to the changing seasons and my personal and professional expectations. Today, I’m in the Gathering phase of my process, and this means I’m putting together the resources I’ve spent months filtering and combing through, and purging what does not suit me. When spring arrives, I—along with the earth—will transition to the Seeing phase, the blooming of my efforts since last September. I have already seen direct results from my Harvesting journey, and a huge part of that is the willingness—sometimes with my hands over my eyes—to be brutally honest, mostly with myself.

What stops your Authentic Voice from leading you each day?

Is it the fear of letting go to live in the reality of your entrepreneurial endeavor because:

– What if you don’t make enough money to cover your bills?
– What if not enough people “get it”, and no one buys what you’re selling?
– What if you just try to do your day job AND pursue your “real” dream until your dream takes flight?
– What if you lose your house, ruin your credit, and disappoint your family while chasing your dream?
– What if you’re not as resourceful, strong, and talented as you think you are?

I could list on and on, and you would nod in agreement, and I would say, “Me too, sometimes,” and we could have this Honey-we-just-gotta-step-out-and-do-it-conversation, ad-freakin-nausem…


We could serve as sources of encouragement and reminders to each other that women all over this earth are LIVING their dreams; not walking toward them or simply energizing them with positive thoughts and exhaustive prayers, but actually living their most authentic selves!

That is the core of my work here at One of my “job” titles is Illuminator, and it is so because the way it’s been told to me by my Authentic Voice—also known by the names Creator, God, Source, etc.—I am to consistently exhaust all available mediums to remind YOU and YOU and YOU that whatever you are experiencing, be they fears, obstacles, illnesses, relationship woes, or financial crises, you CAN move through that phase of your life, and thrive in a place where you are unapologetic about your light, your energy, and your VOICE!

Journey with me by registering for updates on all things Execumama, and let’s light each others’ paths with our fullest selves. I can tell you from experience, that there are few joys greater than surrounding yourself with beings who share your zeal for growth, your penchant toward gratitude, and your relentless pursuit of all that simply makes you feel good.

How do you identify your Authentic Voice, and is she stifled right now?

May these words, this site, and all your other available sources of inspiration help you answer the question with brutal honesty and a sound decision to move onward.

Celebrating the Warrior in you,