When distance is necessary & good

She sat there, wondering.

Feeling distant from herself
for the umpteenth time
But knowing for certain
That the feeling was a lie.

She was walking away from a Self
But it definitely wasn’t HERself.

It was the bits and pieces of Old Her.
The reflection that emerges
from black, shiny floors
when elbow grease and insistence
scrub them good and clean them clear.

Layers gone, shine pronounced,
Her life gave way, and the lie faded
And the reality shone clear through
to the Her she’d always been.

Truth was and is
that the distance she was feeling
Was a necessary untethering
from the She she had become
out of circumstance and survival.

She was leaving who she WAS
And her Highest, Deepest, Dopest Self
was emerging, fully and finally.

It felt like fail,
It felt like fury,
It felt like pain.

But it was really fire
It was really fuel
It was really time
It was really space

It was…
It is… that the space she took
To discover Herself
and to understand Herself
was now trusting Her
to be its companion
and at times, its leader.

It was…
It is…
There is… always space
for Highest, Deepest, Dopest,
Simplest Self to emerge
to evolve, to innovate,
to show up on your behalf
and to make sure you remember
that it ain’t about what you leave behind,
but who you recognize
when you rise to meet your Highest Self.