Get Healthy! …and we’re off!

Team Tiffany!!!


Losing weight and maintaining healthy eating habits are integral elements of Tiffany’s plan to keep her life on its current path.  Her creativity is coming to life this summer with her first independent production, TORN, and she couldn’t very well create such a skewed view of her life as to have one element flourish without putting significant effort into the element of SELF!!

This is where Temple Yoga and Wellness Center, owned and operated by certified yoga instructor, Tiffany Campbell, fits in!  On June 4th, the two Tiffanys met up at Absolute Body Symmetry, one of Tiffany Campbell’s many teaching spots (she shares her yoga sunshine with individual and corporate clients all over metro Atlanta), to get the deets on Tiffany B.’s plan of action.

Measurements were taken, scales were pulled out of giant trainer bags, and no stone was left unturned as Tiffany B. dished out the whens, whys and hows of her eating, sleeping, and fitness habits. Tiffany B. was given her first assignment, which is a one-chapter read from her assigned book, and to get ready for her first Yoga class  on Tuesday, June 8th at Tiffany Campbell’s serene teaching spot in Fairburn.

“Don’t worry about dietary changes just yet,” Tiffany encouraged as Tiffany B. questioned her on what do to jump right in.  “Right now, we’re going to focus on exercise, and we won’t be detoxing until week 3, so for now, just track every single thing you eat, pay attention to your syllabus (yes, Tiffany Campbell plays NO games!), and show up for class on time.”  The classes include Hot Yoga and Power Yoga, so you know the sweat will be drippin’ and the calories will be burned!!

Next week, we’ll find out how Tiffany B. fared in her first Yoga class, and what goals she’s set for herself.  If you’re on Twitter and want to share in the exciting journey of Tiffany B., please use the #TeamTiffany hashtag to shout us out!

More to come…