Formation, Fierceness, & Photographic Brilliance

Contrary to what the critics say, owning your power is not a heinous crime. The term Power itself has been vilified, often used in a negative context, as in having too much power, or abusing power, or surrendering to the powers that be. But I assure you, when it comes to personal power, it is critical that we make time to investigate and understand what it means to embrace it.

Personal power, and our own ability to guide and lead ourselves with an understanding and appreciation of that power, enriches us individually and benefits us collectively.

It can show up in simple forms like getting all fancied up and collaborating with a gifted photographer to get your feel-good on.


  • Or it can look like waking up a little early to ease into your day…

  • Or making a playlist of songs that speak to your soul…

  • Or shaving your head and reclaiming your relationship with hair/beauty/time…

  • Or surrounding yourself with people through whom inspiration and respect flow freely, and you are constantly reminded that you are easy to love.

Imagine a community where each person felt comfortable and confident in their gifts.

Picture yourself being part of a conversation where every single person in the room valued themselves, respected themselves, and felt no need to enforce their perception of power onto anyone else.

This often happens in small circles with people who care about the same things, or about each other, and want the same reality to be part of their everyday experience. Maybe this brings your mind to community gatherings, or family get-togethers, or even a dope dance class. Thankfully, there are a myriad of ways to nurture that feeling of personal power, individually and collectively.

My sisterfriends and I discovered a simply divine way to conjure up and nurture that energy—a photography party. Yep, we got in Formation way before ‘Yonce served the masses with her version, and all of it—ours and Beyonce’s—are beautifully radical reminders of ways to lean into our power, without apology, and in full celebration.

Besides hella fierce dancing and all-around excellence, what I love about Formation is that Yonce pays homage to her roots (the Black South), expresses unapologetic appreciation for her Her-ness (in physicality and culture), and calls on the energies of political awareness, self-love, and personal pride.

See what I mean?! Just look at my sisters owning their shine! Both individually and collectively, we celebrated life, love, and self-expression during that photography session. We brought food, drinks, and positivity, and the results were nothing shy of magical.

For sure, my sisterfriends and I were in formation that day. And I invite you to design your own Formation tribe, then capture bits of the magic you make together in the form of visual artistry.

Erskine Isaac, the brilliant photographer behind the lens of our magic moment, is heading back to Atlanta from May 6th through the 8th, and you and he should make plans!

His Facebook albums are teeming with radical self-expression energy, and pure celebrations of love, connection, and yes…personal power.

Go ahead and message Erskine on Facebook to tell him you are good and ready for that Formation LIFE! Get together with the energies you want to experience MORE of in your life, and then holler at a gifted artist who knows precisely how to tap into the magic of collective energy in visual form.

Get with yourself (or with your people), and put your power on megawatt!