Focus, Faith, and Fearlessness in Motion

When we invest in ourselves, we send messages to our psyche.  Messages that we are conscious participants in our own evolution, and that we can expand our knowledge of self, and our impact on the world by connecting with other people who aspire to embody greatness.

I was reminded of that truth this weekend as a stood among women and men who embodied greatness.


Lorea M. Sample hosted her first conference this past Saturday in Columbia, South Carolina. Katrina M. Harrell (above right) and I were among the speakers, and that was such a privilege in and of itself.  The speakers expressed and explored the powers of focus, faith, and fearlessness, and the energy in the room was intensely powerful.

As I experienced conversation after conversation laden with wisdom and brilliant perspective, I smiled at the evidence.

…evidence that people are still willing to be themselves in public
…evidence that my crazy notion of success on my own terms is shared
…evidence that there are still communities of people willing to support each other
…evidence that tenacity & candor are still highly valued by some
…evidence that sometimes, you just gotta DO IT and let the process unfold

SPEAKER & PANELISTS LIST (site is under construction)

If you missed the conference, you missed a lot, but you can still grab
some of the gems this way:

Click the following #refocused2013 hashtag to see dialogue and photos. (remember you can search the hashtag on Instagram too).

Photo courtesy of Vincent K. Harris (middle) flanked by me and co-author/homie from another Yoni, Katrina M. Harrell.