Fi Wi Sinting – Radical Self-Expression in Portland Jamaica

Spending months in new cities.  Getting the lay of the land in places completely foreign to me.  I dreamed about that lifestyle for years.  Lusted for it is more like it.  Until I just…got tired of planning for my “ideal” life instead of actually living it.
And so, Kris, Marley, Sage-Niambi, and I set out to untether ourselves from the confines of fear and just start exploring our interests and expressing ourselves.  We’ve since become unschoolers, we’ve lived in deeply explored most of our home island, Jamaica, and we’re planning the first Radical Self-Expression Summit in Atlanta.
We feel better and more fulfilled when we get to explore and express ourselves.  And when I say “we”, I mean you too.
Are you feeling fulfilled right now? If you are not, go where you can to see examples of the fulfillment you seek, and let that inspire you into action.
I am constantly seeking examples of other people who stop planning and start creating their preferred reality. I call these people Radical Self-Expressionists.
Last month, I had the privilege of witnessing a collective of Radical Self-Expressionist in beautiful Portland, my favorite of all Jamaica’s 14 Parishes.  Kris, our daughters, my mother, and I went to Fi Wi Sinting (translation: This Is Our Thing), an annual celebration of Jamaica’s African heritage that takes place in this dreamy park accented by lush green ferns and trickling rivers named Somerset Falls River Park.  I found a video recap of Fi Wi Sinting online, and the featured image above this post shows my mom and I at the event! We didn’t even know we were in the video!! Watch it; I think you’ll dig it…



“For 23 consecutive years, the Fi Wi Sinting Foundation has hosted the annual festival in celebration of African heritage in Jamaica. We recognize and acknowledge the importance of preserving vital and living elements of our cultural heritage as well as the positive effect creative activity has on individuals; providing enjoyment, enlivening spaces and enriching lives. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.”