Failure Revisited


– Embarrassment               – Low scores

– Frustration                       – Disappointment from self and others

– Fear of trying again        – Apprehension

– Bubble guts                      – Doubt in your own abilities

– A bad reputation            – Fingers pointed at you (blame)

– Surprises (the not-so-awesome kind)


POP QUIZ! In order to limit your encounters with feelings of failure, what should you do?

A) Do only the things at which you’re pretty sure you don’t suck

B) Do everything with at least one partner so that in the event of failure, you’re not the only one in the unflattering spotlight

C) Set your expectation bar nice and low so that anything besides a total shit storm is acceptable enough NOT to be labeled as failure

D) None of the above

The ONLY correct response is D, none of the above. I know that the other options can be tempting, and even seem practical sometimes, but you and I both know that life offers a series of opportunities designed to strengthen us, even (and particularly) when we fight against those opportunities.  I’m really grateful for the time away (my hubby, our girls, and I were recently away from our home base for almost six weeks), because it has given me—among other things—the chance to reflect, process, and make good use of what my meditations have revealed.

As a result of my sitting with the idea of failure, I’ve decided to create a body of work around the redefining of the dreaded concept.  I can’t say that I know conclusively what this body of work will contain, but I do know that is has been placed within me, therefore it already exists.  All I have to do is dig/seek/meditate/pray/listen/watch/accept.

My goal is to uncover the yucky stuff behind the concept of failure, in order to hose them down and find what I suspect is the truth: Failure, with its subjective nature, can be customized to appear as the best opportunities to create our own reality.

But before I go, tell me, how do you view failure? Friend that inspires you to do/be better?  Foe that reminds you that you are in fact, fallible?