En Route to Healthy: The Home Stretch

We’re nearing the home stretch over here at the Team Tiffany headquarters!

Fitness. Healthy eating habits.  Regular exercise.  Defeating the one thing that has long been defeating me: Weight.


Those were the basic tenets behind why Tiffany B. agreed to embark upon this project and allow Execumama.com’s readers to follow along in her journey.  It’s been an incredible 5 weeks for Tiffany, and the reasons span beyond her Yoga for Weight Loss journey.  Tiffany’s theatrial production, TORN, hits Atlanta’s 14th Street Playhouse this week! It runs July 14 – 18th, and it’s being produced by ex-NFL player Dorsey Levens.  Check out the details of the star-studded cast and crew on their Facebook page.

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So you see, Tiffany B’s been busy! Over the past five weeks, she was treated to a series of workouts, meal plans, detoxes, and mind-searching exercises by Tiffany Campbell of Temple Yoga & Wellness Center here in Atlanta Georgia.  Tiffany’s a woman of her word, and when she commits to a thing, she does so whole-heartedly, and that’s been the case since 1994 when she and I first met.  I’m so proud of Tiffany for taking this weight loss and overall health journey by the horns amidst the rigorous rehearsal schedule in which she, her cast, and crew have been immersed! YOU GO TIFF!

We’re going to catch up with Tiffany after TORN has finished its run and see how well she’s doing.  We’ll chat about workouts, weight loss, and the overall differences she’s seen since embracing yoga as a road to fitness.

Tiffany took time from her hectic schedule to share with me that she struggles with the meal-planning element of Temple Yoga & Wellness Center’s plan, and Tiffany (Campbell) told us up front that the meal-planning was the most difficult adjustment for many of her clients.

“It’s about changes that will affect you long term, not counting calories or points and then having to do the program all over again.  When you commit to this program, you shouldn’t have to re-enter it in a few months.  ~Tiffany Campbell, Temple Yoga & Wellness Center

Not to worry though, Tiffany’s a trooper, and instead of getting stuck on not having enough time to cook meals each day, or not liking all the healthy options, she increases her intake out on the foods she does like, and she forgives herself and moves forward when she doesn’t follow the plan to a t.  I like that! Many of us could use a little less beating-up-on-self in our lives, so I’ll be sure to touch on that when she and I get a chance to chat.

In the meantime, check out Tiffany Campbell’s latest blog posts on ways to use basic yoga poses to maintain your fitness journey.

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