Emotional Nud!ty Gives Access to Emotional Wellness

“I had to learn how to shift that compass and let go of the beliefs that limited me.  When I did that, I got clients that I like, I made real money, and I met people I never dreamed I would meet!”  ~Jai Stone, Emotional Nudist

Need I say more? No, but I want to!

I respect any woman who grabs life by the ovaries and decides to take small, consistent steps toward her best case scenario life.  Jai Stone is one of those women, and that’s why she and I gel so well.  We met earlier this year, and she and I have been conjuring up all kinds of awesomeness by way of Life Design, mutual respect, and an insistence on correcting course when we know we’re not living our BEST lives.

Today, Jai is sharing her personal struggles with self-deprecation and self-loathing, and tells us how she shifted her compass from that unwell space to her current journey to and through emotional nudity.

Curious about what that means, and how that knowledge might serve you?



Indulge here: http://jaistone.com/what-is-emotional-nudity/

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Be sure to let Jai know how her emotional nudity serves your wellness.  She loves engaging with women who are ready to strip down to their bare selves and rebuild from the inside out.