Embracing the Duality of Strategy & Soulwork

You’ve read or heard my theory on the S&S Factor, right?

S&S is short for Strategy & Soulwork™, a solution to the one-sided way in which most of us, women in particular, tend to do business when we become more focused on entrepreneurship.

I just launched a new YouTube channel for those of us who’ve come to know and value the harmony of Strategy & Soulwork™.

Let me explain…

Basically, we’re alive and doing business in a time where most of us operate under one of two premises: strategy or soulwork.

The Strategist

She is driven. She focuses on results and not effects. She is somewhat successful, but nowhere near fulfilled. She’s tired as shit. She might even look healthy, because she knows that being unwell will slow her down. Good result, not-so-good a rationale. She hustles, grinds, and for the most part, will sleep when she’s dead. Unfortunately, that mindset is rushing her straight to death’s door. Sometimes literally, as so many of us are getting preventable illnesses that are heightened by our stress-filled, competition focused, all strategy, no soulwork mindset.

The Soulworker

We’ve also got the free-spirited, fret-not woman who focus heavily on the spiritual and emotional aspects of living and working. She’s creative, brilliant, and always coming up with beautiful ideas. However, she’s also the ones you love to hang out with, except for all the “Well I’s” on their lists.

Well, I can’t pay for my food if we go out to eat. Well, I’m gonna need a ride if you want me at this party. Well, I created this great thing, but I’m not a sales-y person, and it just doesn’t feel right anymore, so I’m off to do yoga, breathe deeper, and let the answers come to me.

I used to be the Strategist. Then, I had babies, breakdowns, and breakthroughs, and eventually became the Soulworker. But the Strategist had some good ideas that I eventually came back to with better understanding. And the Soulworker stayed broke as shit, so I had to be with her more often to get clarity on what she needed.

Turns out you and I can be both. And I need both to thrive. Strategy & Soulwork™ is what I’ve been feeding off for the past two years. As far as a percentage of each, it varies greatly.

Some weeks, my Soulworker Self is high on my priority list. She talks to the depths of my belly, she reminds me to be with daughters. She reminds me of the power I feel when I cuddle with Kris. And when I make time to call my mother. And to eat real food. And to have more sex. And to workout. And of course, to breathe deeper.

Other weeks, my Strategist takes the lead. She challenges me when I’m not focused. She stink-faces me when I try to be a perfectionist. She makes sure that I’m tracking my results so that I can refine my workflow process. She helps me create classes and coaching options that make dollars, and not just sense (and cents!).

Though I’ve been a YouTuber for years (with more than 114 videos up in dis piece!), this channel is focused on the action steps behind srategy and soulwork. My other channel is like my entire network. It has lots of great videos on various topics related to my Black woman, Jamaican, Wife, Mother, Feminist, Writer, Rabble-rouser flow. It’s a lifestyle channel, and I’ll continue to update it regularly, and I enjoy the space and the lack of boundaries.

My new channel is specifically for the action steps around the lifestyle. It’s for the woman who, as I said in a previous post, is no longer feeling the urge to change. Instead, she is already changing, already in her shift, and looking for clarity, community, and clients.

If this speaks to you, or if you think it’ll speak to someone in your circle, please subscribe to the channel today, and share it with your peoplez!

Maddd Love (I mean that!),
:: Akilah