Easy Ways To Get In More Exercise

There is no aspect of my life that isn’t affected by my Radical Self-Expression practice.
Being able to understand myself—to recognize my needs, explore my spiritual strengtheners—has helped me free myself from so much baggage. Baggage around food choices; baggage around broken friendships; baggage around fear of failure–all that shit comes front-and-center regularly, which helps me to understand it.

It also helps me to see myself outside of my circumstance; outside of the thoughts that sometimes dominate me, and pull me away from my God-Self; away from my Me-ness.

Exercise is one way that I re-connect with myself and practice Radical Self-Expression. Yoga, core work, cardio, strength training, and target toning–I enjoy all of it…in little bitty spurts. That’s what I need. That’s how I flow. That’s a huge part of how I stay comfortable in my body and healthy in my habits. This video is my way of sharing the link between Radical Self-Expression and my most days (not daily) fitness routine. I hope it serves you.