Does Emotional Wellness Affect Abundance?

One of the best parts of blogging is the people I get to meet. I’ve cultivated friendships, indulged in beautiful business projects, and learned so much about myself and my journey through many of my fellow entrepreneurs.

We’re an odd breed because many of us don’t quite fit into the “internet entrepreneur” box because we also do a lot of work in person, both locally, and globally. Yet still, we use social media as our primary medium of communication, engagement, and income-earning.

Katrina M. Harrell is a BOSS when it comes to all three of those elements! She and I share the philosophy that who we are personally and what we offer professionally need not be rivaling aspects in our lives.  We believe the more we are ourselves, the more our businesses thrive–but not without vision, spiritually rooted practices, and sound strategies.

Listen as Katrina offers you some WHY and HOW for aligning yourself with personal and professional abundance through some powerful emotional wellness practices.

She’s also offering you some conference swag that will take away any excuses you may have to prioritizing your emotional wellness.

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I’m such a fan of Katrina’s flow, and I’m betting you’ll see why when you join her session.

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