Die. Then Live. (Or Just Jump).

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” W.J. Bryan

My brother Howard jumps off stuff.
Really tall stuff. Really often.
He’s been that way since he could walk.

He died once (Literally. Flatlined.),
and when he came back, and completed his physical therapy,
He jumped off more stuff.  More often.

So no-one in the family was surprised when Parkour by HP was birthed.

Parkour is a spirit/philosophy that incorporates a method of moving within your environment and approaching obstacles of any kind, be they physical or mental.

Recently, my brother and I were having one of our fork-in-the-road conversations.
We’re both active seekers of our bliss, and we both have spouses and children who are incredibly understanding about who we are and what we feel we must do.

As Howard and I talked about choice, action inaction, and fear, a beautifully simple statement came out and placed itself in the space we had created:

Oftentimes, action gives us answers.

Essentially, when we search ourselves for the rationale behind our behaviors (why do I do this and not that?), we run the risk of spending too much time trying to find the WHY, a gem we may never find.

Our elusive WHY can be a source of distraction and frustration as we seek our real joy in life.

Consider that sometimes the solution is not embedded in the answers we seek, but in the choice to practice doing the thing we’re afraid to do.

If we take that jump, baby step or giant leap, we often realize that the reason we never did it before wasn’t because of some deep-rooted, existential WHY, but more so a build-up of fears, what-ifs, and maybe laters.

Sometimes, we just need to grab our ovaries and DO SOMETHING; then let the WHY dissipate in the heat of our commitment to keep doing.

Other times, by DOING the thing we fear, the WHY comes out to face us, as there’s little room for it inside us when the WHAT takes its place.

Make it urgent. Label it your flatline moment. Consider that you don’t need to die before you truly live.

Remember, there’s a time to be still, and there’s honor and significant importance in that. But if you can feel that incessant nudge, that constant craving, sometimes you just need to JUMP.