Fuck this. I’m Beginning Again.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

Went on the road with Kris and Mom yesterday. #funshit… and nyam raasclaat chic-fil-a again.

chic-fil-a (which I will not capitalize) = Bubbleguts. Ugh. #sickfila

Mi naah do miself suh again, God know!

  • Got up with belly angst at 6:30AM today
  • Came down to the kitchen around 7 to make tea
  • Shat out my tripe around 8AM. #unfunshit
  • Writhing in discomfort since then (it’s 11AM now).

This self-induced bubbleguts (SIB Syndrome) ends toooday, nikkuh!

Hello. My name is Akilah, and I am a SIBS-aholic.

Recovery started today, and as I approach 40, I surrender.

Not the defeat type though; this surrender is rooted in power.
And by power, I mean the power to begin again.


There are 75 days between today and my 40th birthday,
and I’ll use them to begin my healing/sustaining work in these areas:


  • Simple meals (fewer ingredients)
  • Feelings: Checking in to see how certain foods make me feel
  • Plants: Eat things that grow on trees. Also, chllorophyl is bae. Indulge.
  • Alcohol: 31-day fast from yo’ ass, starting 8.1
  • Intermittent Fasting: Has helped me with digestion before. Back for more.
  • Timing: Nothing but water sips 2 hours before bed
  • Fucking French Fries: Gweh nuh! You’re banished (for 31 days)
  • Oils: Particularly the ones in chips. I fucking love chips. They hate me tho.


  • Healing herbs from Dr. Eshe (Herb Sistah)
  • Light and reminders from Queen Afua
  • Food as fuel (even when I’m turnt, this includes chicken and waffles, and peach cobbler. fuck.)


  • Stick with my 15-25 minute most days mojo
  • Get dis pull-up werk,doe!
  • Headstands feel hella like Goddess work somehow. Up deh.
  • Yogafit with Veronica more often. #funshit


  • Again with the Goddess work!
  • Capsule wardrobe for these 75 days
  • Borrow, don’t buy. Lend more, too.
  • I only need black high tops in life. Find some.
    …and maybe I’ll need a winter coat this year.
    …and a full-length mirror (for dancing, obvs!)
  • Eat minimalist style (few ingredients, intermittent fasting)


  • Podcast on hiatus while I build it up/out
  • Get help, ooman! Between Cyn and Simbi, I’m skrizzy.
  • Write di shit outta mi unschooling book
  • Art show mojo is in full swing (collabohm)

So yeh, a dis mi deh pon, straight.
Mi mind an mi body cyaan wait.
Every day I’ll share a bit.
Every day I’ll shed a bit
Grow, Goddess.
Glow, Goddess.
Know, Goddess.
Less not-it shit,
more mindful, minimalist mojo.
Go Goddess, go!