DAY TWO – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

Monique Halley is a Radical Self-Expressionist.  Her story could read like a Mary J. Blige song, filled with pain and questions.  But Monique did what most of us aren’t able to do–see herself outside of her situation, light her own way, and walk toward a better reality.  As if reclaiming her own life wasn’t enough, she turned her lessons into her art and created a reclamation process for women in various stages of their relationships.

I’m sharing Monique’s story with you because it offers such a great opportunity for all of us to examine what isn’t working for us, and commit to a better experience.

Here’s what Monique posted on her Facebook page recently:


I struggled with telling my truth as to why my marriage didn’t last; because I was partially responsible.
A month before my wedding I found myself in my car in a parking lot crying and yelling to the top of my lungs because I was mad as hell at my fiancé at the time. I called my best friend admitting to her “I can’t do this”…Do what?…Get married.
Despite that intense feeling I had, I worked through it and got married anyway. That was my opportunity to escape and it would have been justified. However I didn’t have the courage to do it.
It was my responsibility to follow my intuition, way before that day in the parking lot…before I even said “Yes I will marry you”
How do you choose YOU in a situation where you fear people being angry at you because you didn’t follow through on your word? Again it takes courage.
I have no regrets, simply because. The best part about the 2nd time around; I have a lot more wisdom to bring to the table in my new relationship. Starting with… Trusting Me More.
Courage is not something you have, it’s something you choose.
When you know your worth and what you deserve, choosing courage over fear becomes a little bit easier to do.

Monique offers her coaching over at The Life Design Agency. I invited her to join The Agency after seeing, on repeated occasions, how gifted she is at uplifting others from tough situations. She moves past motivational quotes and digs into the stories we tell ourselves when we’re ready to transition out of, or into, relationships. It’s serious work, and she rocks at it.

What part of you needs to be reclaimed today?