DAY THREE – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

A Pro-Simplicity Argument from a Recovering Task-Master

In that space, my longing for my old normal dissipated, leaving me with a renewed sense of curiosity and optimism about the rest of my life. As my life got simpler, the need arose to shed more and more of the woman I was. That woman was designed from, and focused on, hurt. I had created her to manage the situations I needed to live through, but now, I needed to let that woman go. I started seeing that the legs and wings that grew to pull me through my pain points had now become weights that kept me unnecessarily tethered to much of my past. I didn’t need to run or fight anymore, but most of me never got that memo. I was still serving my pain; still going at breakneck speed even though it was time to slow down and remember how to be myself wherever I was.

That’s an excerpt from my latest book (which you can order here). I wanted to give it to you because a MAJOR part of self-expression is giving yourself space to explore what isn’t being expressed. It’s incredibly difficult to find solutions when we are focused on problems. Giving ourselves space is not just about cleaning out our closets in the spring, or watching OWN on a Sunday. It takes more…actually, it takes less…

Less focus on what you can do to step up your game, and more focus on how you want to feel IN THE MOMENT (not just at the end of the task). We’re taught to hustle, and to ignore feelings for end results. But that doesn’t work for all of us. Some of us take issue with putting our heads down and grinding out work. Some of us take issue with smiling through the pain. Some of us know that life isn’t always about joy, but that life doesn’t always have to be about pretense and hope of eventual happiness.

What’s ONE thing you can do TODAY to simplify your life? Decide on that, and then please–do it.