I fux heavily with MHP, and I can’t even lie like I don’t!

Melissa Harris-Perry is—let me tell it—American’s modern-day version of Nanny of the Maroons.

“Queen Nanny” as she was sometimes called, was a Ghanaian woman taken from her country and sold into slavery on the island of Jamaica. If you don’t know her story, >LISTEN IN< as I read you a dope and detailed essay from Dara Cooper.

But Melissa though…
The way she writes and speaks to the unique experience of Black Womanhood, and demands that we do our part to pull ourselves out of the shadows of low expectations, exotification, and objectification.

The way she gets emotional, and does not shy away from prioritizing her emotions/feelings in any given moment.

All kindsa Radical Selfie, Who-You-Calling-Average, Yes-I’m-Angry-Bitch-What…ness, and it reminds me of my right to risk expression too.

Here…>watch her work<.