DAY SEVEN – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

How (Written) Words Can Heal

An excerpt from Radical Self-Expression Manifesto

I was healing myself with tools that were being created from my healing. Writing was my primary tool, and I used it judiciously. I swear my fingertips caught on fire as I stomped through the forests of my past by way of my keyboard!

What I was gaining access to was more than feelings; they were clumps of fire, and I was hurling them across my cottage with every key I pressed. Each completed sentence was my opportunity to eyeball my emotions; to wrestle with my feelings; to realize that I did not need to bury my feelings, but to own them instead.

Burying is about not having to face something, whereas ownership, for me, is about facing my feelings, allowing them to be, and recognizing myself as the only person creating distance between herself and those feelings.

That knowing came to me, not from a deep meditation, or a good read, but from the often difficult and immeasurably powerful practice of exploring what I wanted when I was hurting. Finally being able to understand what I wanted, and being able to articulate that to myself, was my first conscious step toward what I now recognize as self–love, and I offer this knowledge to you in case you struggle with the meaning and the action steps toward self–love too.

What tools can you start using to facilitate your self-expression?  It should be an active thing; reading is not enough.  What else can you call upon to help you get in touch with your voice?