DAY FOUR – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

This one is for my Work-for-Self enthusiasts. You and I risk expression by turning something we love into something we sell. That level of expression risking comes at greater costs than most of us ever imagined. One of those costs is our femininity. Sound odd? I penned a piece over at Every Feminism on this topic, and I want you to read it. It can definitely help you un-mute that segmented part of yourself that feels guilty about wanting to feel good.

Below is an excerpt. Read the full article here: Embracing Feminine Energy in Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship isn’t always about taking the earning cap off of your income-generating capacity. For some of us, the catalyst for starting our own business had less to do with income, and more to do with personal impact.

For some of us, the idea of work-life anything is absurd, as we are always alive, whether at work or at play, and we want to integrate our whole self into our day, with fulfillment and joy as core values.

I don’t know about you, but I’m positive my life is still in existence during standard business operating hours.

I am always alive, and therefore, my work and my life are not separate, no more than my gender and my experience. I am always only myself and where I am in any moment.

Am I only a woman when I look, speak, and act inside the parameters of a man’s mind? Am I only a mother when I’m physically near my daughters?

Work-life segmenting is illogical, and it forces us to segment, report, and compartmentalize in areas where we need to look at the whole picture, consider our whole selves, and embrace (rather than feel ashamed of) how we want to feel when we pursue our vocations.

Ultimately, impact-driven entrepreneurs want to take the idea of happiness off of the hard-to-reach “top shelf” and into the fully accessible space of everyday living.