Once, someone said to me, “_______________________________.”
I did see [his/her] point, especially because ________________.
But I was not uncomfortable. I felt like myself.

How would you complete that sentence?

Radical Self-Expression is always an option; even when it comes to something as unemotional as what we choose to wear.

*record scratch*

Let’s not front like we don’t care about how we look. It’s okay. And when I look in my mirror, or on the rare occasion that I actually go clothes shopping, I get to remember myself.

I get to think about my preferences in color, in the feel of a piece of cloth, or the arrangement of patterns on a beautiful dress.

One of my FAVORITE Radical Self-Expressionists and fellow writers, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, talks about the comfort in her skin, and the overall recognition of personal growth, that comes with embracing whatever makes her comfortable. She gives the good word on ankara-print shorts and yellow high-heels over at ELLE Magazine, and it’s short, engaging, and simply radical.