I spent the morning spearfishing in the Caribbean Sea yesterday.
I myself did no fishing, but Kris and Sage both indulged.

We all snorkeled, and I saw with my own eyes how vast and deep the floor of the Sea can be. I felt like a small part of a big deal, and it felt really good; surreal almost.

I wanted to share these pictures with you today. I want you to keep in mind that if I had not taken the risk of expression my craving (being in warm places in winter months)…

and then believed that I could experience something different than what I was currently living (being in a cold place in winter months)…

I would not have these pictures to share. Instead, I’d only have wishful blog posts, a vision board full of places I’d never see, fear of unschooling my daughters, and mutedness that spills over into all other aspects of my life.

I’m glad I chose expression over mere hope, and I encourage you to share and increase your instances of making that same choice.