It is in the exploration of our innermost selves that we find meaning, purpose, and the inspiration to risk expression. Though we are taught to look outward for inspiration, to seek it in the examples of other women and men, we cannot reap the benefits of being inspired until we turn that inspired energy into action.

Action, not inspiration, is how we find and explore ourselves. We can read great books, study great women, applaud great men, and cry at the memories of those who found their voices, and in some cases lost their lives to share what inspired them to action. But until we take it to heart; until we are willing to test our own wings, explore our own knowings, use ancient, unnamed but widely felt truths to massage the heart of our own purpose, we cannot fully express ourselves.

And if we are bold enough and vulnerable enough to take inspiration to heart, we learn exactly what we need to feel loved, both by others and by ourselves. We access the old knowings, the intuitive, ancestrally guided, God–centered part of ourselves that is never uncertain for long, and is always operating in service of self–love and authentic expression.