This excerpt will give you the “elevator pitch” for this first of the four Radical Self-Expression principles. As always, I offer what I know, and I prompt you to question yourself until what you need is reflected in how you think and act.

One of the most important beliefs we can nurture is our belief in our- selves. Inextricably linked to this belief is our ability to call upon wisdom that is beyond the scope of our individual memories, and deeply rooted in the fibers of who we naturally are. When I decided that I was not going to get back on that plane and return to my life in Jamaica, I was fighting for my right to nurture what I already knew. I knew that I deserved to be happy. I knew that there was more to my life than part–time teaching and big–time dreaming. I knew that if I took greater responsibility for my own joy, a way would show up for me to transition out of the experience I was having and into the experience I was craving.

What do you KNOW about yourself, even if you cannot prove it to yourself?

What images, people, stories, and words call to you stronger and more consistently than most? These are the nudges of Old Knowings, and if you use them up, feel them out, and follow them even when you are afraid, you will find the amplifiers for your voice and the clarity for your next step forward.

Of course, the rest of this, along with poetry, protest, and prose for radical self-expression can be found in my manifesto.