The woman in the photo above is named Valerie. The two pictures on the right were taken today, one day after her 57th birthday. She and I hung out yesterday doing nothing particularly amazing. We basically enjoyed each other’s company, doted over my daughters, and enjoyed the always-something-new-to-see downtown Atlanta area.

Valerie is a genuine #radicalselfie countless ways, but let me name just a few of them for you right now

  1. She raised 3 children largely on her own
  2. When her children first migrated to the U.S., she held down a job making $9 per hour, while still setting a household standard of prioritized education and respectful behavior.
  3. She recently left her 25-year corporate career to pursue her own passions
  4. She supports her three adult children in their personal and business lives by lending her skills to our (yes “our”) lives
  5. She spent several years of living in an emotionally unwell space, and now uses that knowledge to motivate other people to trade in their pain for their purpose.

I could list so many other reasons that Valerie embodies the energy of Radical Self-Expression, but it’s probably best that you visit her blog and find out more for yourself.

Valerie inspires me to continue creating the life I love, and I get the added benefit of her genetic awesomeness, as she is, in fact, my mother.

I love you, Mom! Happy day-after-your-57th-birthday!