I sent an email to all the lovely subscribers of my blog yesterday. It was about staying in alignment with our desires, even when the method is not readily apparent. Oftentimes, money, mindset, and rationale stall us out before we can really dive into our desires. One woman responded with a statement that really connected with me. I won’t share her statement (because that’s for her to share publicly), but I will share my response. It’s totally in alignment with the Radial Self-Expression energy that would cause a person like you to read a blog post like this. So though it may read like a mid-sentence conversation, I want you to take it in and feel it out…

I completely know what you mean in terms of seeing both sides of the coin. I’m a Libra, and I use to weigh and rationalize myself crazy about my desires/goals all the time!

What was/is helpful for me in that space is the belief that if God puts something in my spirit, my job is not to judge it, or to label it, or to dare to guess its fate. Instead, my work is to obey it. Obey is not a word I use lightly because it carries a very negative connotation for me. But here, it’s a good fit because obedience leaves very little room for the coddling of fears and the guessing of what may or may not be.

I remind myself consistently that I am a writer. And that I AM is not my doing, but my Creator’s doing, and only I can undo it, most likely by not doing it enough (if that makes any sense to you!). Reality is subjective, so if we shift our reality from what we fear to what we deeply crave, then reality works in our favor.