What if your Inner Little Girl had access to you right now? What if we took the Sankofa route and went back to our past to better design our future?

Those were the two questions I used to preface a note I received from my own Inner Little Girl.  She is my primary example of radical self-expression, so when she speaks, I work hard to listen keenly.  She speaks to me sometimes; mostly in whispers, but sometimes in bellows.  She is not shy about facing me head on, and I appreciate that…although not while I’m in the moment.

I shared this particular note on a juicy website I’ve recently discovered—The Goddess Column. It feels to me like a community of young Radical Self-Expressionists, listening inward and outwardly expressing the elements that comprise their lives today. I love it that they’re exploring and expressing at such young ages (early twenties), and I encourage you to go read my note, runaway Not Lost, and then let Isis and the crew over at The Goddess Column know if you’re digging their site.