Day 13 – 31 Days of Radical Self-Expression

This blog is my way of publicly practicing what I preach.  It’s so much easier for me to focus on my writing and speaking, with coaching and retreats to accent the flow, but …

I know that there is more.

I know that when I committed to the transition from focusing on emotional wellness in general, to radical self-expression in particular, I would have to define that space.  I would have to name my own pain, out loud, and use what I was learning about myself and about self-expression as a life skill.

The course I’m working on, which I refined significantly based on feedback from many of you (THANK YOU!!!!) is happening.  It’s on a new platform, with a totally new approach to teaching (for me, anyway), and it’s part soulwork, part strategy, just like everything else I do.

It’s not ready yet, but I’m putting this out there as way of keeping myself accountable.  I will give this, even though I’m afraid that people won’t get it, or won’t want it, or won’t…whateverthehell it.

I will give it. Because it came to me.  And because validation has to come from Source/Me first. And it has.  So I will honor what comes, because that always keeps me aligned with my joy.  And JOY is as radical as it gets.

What keeps you aligned with your your joy?