Feel Good About ALL of You.

Radical Self-Expression work (we shorten that by just saying ‘radical selfie’) helps you to navigate and shed the things that put your voice on mute and your confidence out of reach. We are committed to moving you out of your comfort zone, past your fears, and into your calling with a bold and confident mindset. 

Our work is centered around personal growth and professional fulfillment, and we view those through the specific life experiences of self-expression, spirituality, parenting, and entrepreneurship.  We use:

  • Unfiltered dialogue
  • Self-inquiry exercises
  • Personal Development practices

to get you clear on WHO you are, WHAT you need, and HOW to get free from the things that keep you muted and mediocre. In this environment you learn how to stop presenting and start being present.


Listen to what this really is:


I’m Akilah S. Richards, a writer and radical self-expression practitioner. I collaborate with a committed team of professionals who deliver this work through:

My husband, Kris, is our creative branding guy. He’s a visual artist who helps organizations and solopreneurs develop, design, and communicate cohesive brand messages across print and web platforms.

For Kris and me, Radical Self-Expression looked like quitting our “good” corporate jobs, selling our cars, walking away from our house, spending more time with our children, and living simpler, more joy-focused, liberated  lives.

We’re also parents to two light beams who show up as playful and powerful girls. We’re an unschooling family, so our daughters are not enrolled in school, nor do they follow any particular curriculum at home. They learn through life experience, curiosity, research, travel, books, and online engagement. 

As digital nomads, (also known as location-independent people),  we claim no one particular place as our home.  Instead we live and work from wherever in the world we choose to be.  It’s been four years since we turned Radical Self-Expression into an experience, and not just a sexy idea, and we’re so grateful we’re living this way!

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