Conference Cool-out Corner

I want you to seize the next 5 minutes for yourSelf.
Breathe deep with me for a few moments.
Go ahead. Fill your belly with air as you inhale,
then slowly release that air as you flatten your belly as much as you can.

As you breathe, let the words that resonated with you from this week’s speakers rise to the surface of your mind. What changes can you make in your daily thoughts and habits based on what our speakers have shared so far?

Noticed the underlying themes?  Observing Self, and ultimately accepting Self with compassion, and a commitment to continued evolution is what all our sessions have in common.

What are you doing to serve your own evolution?

I use the knowledge of my core values–curiosity and self-expression–to decide what to do with my time, and what relationships to nurture.

I have three resources from a few of our speakers for you, if you want to explore curiosity and expression in your own life…

1.  There’s nothing like creatively expressed energy! Customize your life experience with one small step: complimentary, customized jewelry!

It’s such a sweet sentiment to your evolving self, don’t you think? INDULGE.

2.  My friend Takeyah is brilliant at helping women like us get clear on our core values. She has a new ebook you should know about.

This could mean the difference between stagnation and evolution. INVEST.

3. And of course, the book that started this train…

Emotional Wellness Lifestyle Guide
May these resources, this conference, and your Divine Source keep you in good spirits and great fortune.

Talk to you Monday.  Enjoy your weekend!