In December of 2014, I launched a video training series about Personal Power for entrepreneurs and artists. You know those “come to the islands” ads you see on TV or in magazines? The ones where they invite you to ditch your daily grind and go explore white sands and blue seas and strong daiquiris? Well, the training series was born from that sort of energy, except I wanted women to explore themselves. Not to figure out how to make more money so they can take more vacations or buy more stuff, but to decide how to replace their disconnected daily grind with a more authentic, creative, productive, rhythmic flow of life.

Women were craving that; I know this because they said so…

Simple & Practical
Self-Care Strategies.

Akilah, thanks so much for these complimentary videos, they were very timely for me! I absolutely love your idea of to do and to feel lists . So insightfull and a really pragmatic way to stay present in your actions.

Harare, Zimbabwe

I want to know how I can feel more grounded and use that to be more centered in my work.

Oakland, California


Where Healers
Get Healing.

I want to fellowship with women who are strong and accomplished, but still willing to say out loud that we need space to feel afraid and confused sometimes too.

Portland, Oregon

I saw that so many creative women are emotionally repressed and spiritually oppressed from a lifetime of being more available for the rest of the world than we are for ourselves.

In their responses, phrases like self-empowered, spiritually grounded, successful on my own terms, authentically myself, constantly showed up—and I completely understand why.

Women like us thrive when we get to honor our Whole Selves, and we suffer (often in silence) when our ambitions and our healing nature overshadow our own basic self-care needs.  

The women who responded weren’t searching for quick solutions, they were looking for community! They weren’t addressing their Whole Woman Selves, and they wanted a community where they could face their truths and create strategies for confidently being themselves in every single aspect of their lives. And I used to long for that kind of space too!

In my early twenties, I was arepressed/oppressed woman.

My career wasn’t my passion, I felt like I was wearing Halloween costumes because I dressed myself according to corporate culture, I loathed Mondays and longed for Fridays, and I let myself believe that being a full-time writer and fully present mother were things I’d get to do AFTER I had made my first million and paid my dues in the “real world.”

My desire to give my art and explore my healing took a back seat to the “reality” of responsible adulthood. I ended up with many of the pieces of the famed American Dream, but all of me was in pieces too.

My Whole Self was at war with the person I believed I needed to be in order to experience success—but I wasn’t ready to face that truth.

As a result, my physical body suffered (fibroid tumors, eating habits that left me tired and undernourished, and painful, heavy menstrual cycles)…

My emotional self suffered (no real methods for managing and lessening my stress levels)…

My spiritual body suffered (struggling with guilt and disconnect from the religion I was raised in, with no clarity or support system to explore spirituality for myself)…

I was unwell and unhappy. And each day I lived that version of my life, I was one day closer to losing myself completely. I needed to face that truth, and I needed to change what wasn’t working. But I couldn’t do it alone.

Tell me the one thing you want to know about growing your business, or strengthening your spiritual practice.


That's the single question the women answer in exchange for access to the Personal Power series.

I remind them that nothing is off limits, so they should answer freely. And they do, often in long, detailed paragraphs! Over 115 women have enrolled, and I recognize a very clear pattern among their responses.

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That’s the confirmation I needed.

As a result of the pattern in the women’s responses, my team of Radical Self-Expression coaches and I created four very specific women’s communities.

In these communities, we come together to see each other face-to-face to tap into real-time, small group interaction and the power of collective feminine energy. Here, women gain clarity and apply strategy to their urgent goals of living authentically and being successful.

We don’t promise blissed out, big money outcomes, either; we simply give women the necessary tools to define, create, and embody authentic, successful everyday living.

Radical Self-Expression Sessions

  • Dialogue

    We discuss spirituality, entrepreneurship, and relationships.

  • Discovery

    We name our fears and explore our truths.

  • Decisions

    We explore ways to authentically express ourselves in those contexts.

Based on the Amazon Number One Bestselling spiritual self-care guide by Trelani Michelle, and heavily influenced by the philosophy of Radical Self-Expression, Spiritual Exploration Sessions help women explore and adopt emotional and tangible rituals for deeper exploration of their own spirituality.

These sessions are meant to discuss the power of personal ritual as a resource for staying centered and mindful through any situation. Exploring God, recognizing how God speaks to you specifically, and creating honest lines of communication between God and Self are the premises upon which these sessions are built.

You should know that these are not religious sessions, therefore any one religious-centered principle is not upheld as the standard. Come with an open mind or risk being highly offended or grossly offensive.

Actively Exploring:

• Spiritual Self-care • Ancestral Guidance
• Mothering • Visualization • Mirror Work • Mindfulness
• Masturbation • Chakra Balancing • Self-esteem

In today’s pursuit for perfect bodies and flawless features, the journey to real personal wellness has been severely skewed. Individual needs have been overshadowed by dogma around how women should look, and what they should be doing to achieve and maintain whatever standard society sets for women’s bodies.

In Food, Fitness, & Bodies Sessions, we reject that dogma, and choose instead to create and practice highly-personalized ways for us to start eating more plants, moving our bodies, and loving our physical selves.

We aim to explore and understand our individual bodies so that we can design personal wellness practices that fit our needs without shaming ourselves, berating ourselves, or trying to warp ourselves into other people’s ideas of well or beautiful or healthy.

Actively Exploring

• Mooning (menstruation) Mindsets
• Raw Food Feasts • Water Fasting
• Intuitive Exercise & Breathwork
• Body Acceptance • Food Education
• Changing aspects of our bodies
• Changing our beliefs about our bodies
• Trusting ourselves to take care of our bodies

In the age of Instagram and Facebook, everybody seems to be so focused on proving they’ve found #bae, that we’re skipping right past deeply relevant aspects of nurturing healthy relationships.

In Relationship Healing Sessions, we slow down our thoughts and assess our realities so we can practice highly-personalized ways for us to start releasing toxic relationships and healing from the (known and subconscious) baggage they cause.

Based largely on the Amazon Number One Bestselling relationship clarity book by Monique Allison, these sessions help women to manage unhealthy relationships, and conquer the obstacles to finding and maintaining loving relationships.

We write, we engage, we question, and we have spirited conversation about what it means to remain ourselves as we seek meaningful romantic and platonic relationships.

Actively Exploring:

• Breakups • Guilt/Fear
• Parenting • Self-discovery
• Journaling as a tool for clarity
• Inner Little Girl discovery
• Influence of our mothers/fathers
• Defining healing on our own terms

Writing bios (then tailoring them to different audiences) poses a significant hurdle for many of us as healers and creative types who also have to be somewhat savvy marketers.  I know this firsthand because I’ve been hired to write and re-write more than thirty bios in the last three years! The struggle is that we don’t just make the things we sell, we also have to make sure they’re in the public eye, and that the words we use to describe our things convey value to the people who are inclined to buy them.

In Better Bio Writing sessions, we come together small group settings to learn the foundation of bio writing. We focus on techniques for refining bios depending on their purpose and intended reader. The group component allows participants to see the process in action, and learn from each others’ questions while working on their own bios.

We won’t start with blank slates, so if you do not have a bio, this session won’t be a good fit for you. If you do have one, but it’s outdated, inauthentic, or just plain boring, a Better Bio Writing Session will help you close that gap between you and your target clients.  Get a free jump-start.