Take a big step toward being more fully yourself…

The most important relationship to nurture is the one with the person in your mirror.  When you are confident about your path and comfortable in your skin, you achieve goals, you embrace life’s curves, and you experience real joy. At the core of our coaching practice is the intention to help people understand and heal their relationships by using three primary strategies:  Voice Lessons, Creative Writing, and Relationship Clarity Sessions.
Voice Lessons Coaching


This is where Aha! Moments meet action steps. You will create a highly personalized plan of action for aligning your deep desire with strategic steps in the direction of your joy.

Focal Points:

  • Honest Self-Inquiry
  • Life Design (Life Planning)
  • Old Habit Shedding
  • You-centered Planning


Whether for personal development (to tell your story) or professional expansion (to reach your tribe), these sessions teach passionate people how to explore and express their experiences through books and blogposts.

Ideal for:

  • Life Coaches
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Educators & Publishers
  • Professional Bloggers

Writing Coaching
Relationship Clarity Coaching


These sessions are for the woman who is working toward a more loving and accepting relationship with herself, so she can be herself and express her needs with a romantic partner who can offer her the love she deserves.

Focal Points:

  • Self-Acceptance
  • Compassionate Accountability
  • Forgiving & Healing
  • Releasing Toxic People

How to Get Started

We do this work (in both individual and small group settings) because we are clear that people who are muted and hurting are likely to pass on that hurt to others. This work our way of actively changing the world by providing safe space, accountability, and personalized strategies for walking in truth and healing from the inside out.

$250 per 90-minute session. Special rates available for multiple sessions purchase. Individual and small group sessions available.

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$90 per hour with a 2-hour minimum, and special package rates available for writing projects based on specific needs and deadlines.

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$100 per 90-minute session with special rates available for multiple session purchases. Individual and small group sessions available.

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