Childhood Obesity, Let’s Move & The Food Revolution Movement

Like many others who have observed the obvious, I’m genuinely fearful of what will happen to this generation of children if they stay on the fast food, cafeteria, and overall “quick eats” mentality that plagues us in America. Dude, I took my youngest daughter on a trip to the zoo the other day, and there were several elementary schools on field trips that day. When I tell you that every other child I saw had the type of stomach that looked like it had housed a baby or two, I am not joking. It is serious, and I applaud our First Lady for her efforts to remedy this epidemic that is childhood obesity. As the mother of two school-aged children, I’m excited about the Healthier Schools initiative, a great compliment to the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution movement, another necessary community step toward saving our children and families.  Check out the video below, and if you haven’t already, click here to sign the petition.

Oh, and my 6-year-old daughter, Marley is the fired up, loc-haired little one talking about the poor food choices in her cafeteria.   Please, however you can—GET INVOLVED…it’s for our future!

For more information on Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, CLICK HERE.