Check In With Yourself – The Reminder Series

What’s on your Work-Life stove right now, Mama?

As of today, in addition to my coaching practice, I’m working on 2 books (both with October draft deadlines!), starting an online learning center, writing a set of short stories, and starting a new audio series.  On the home front, we’re still adjusting to life as unschoolers, Kris and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this month, my 35th birthday is days away, and we’re taking our annual family trip (and by family, I mean about 40 of us) to Jamaica’s north coast, etc., etc.  WHEW!

If you’re stirring several pots (or even just dealing with one big pot), I bet you don’t always remember to check in with yourself.  There are requests, responsibilities, demands, and deadlines floating around in your head space, often leaving you little room to pay attention to that inner voice that keeps track of your W.I.N.N. (What I Need Now–remember that?).

That’s precisely why this month, I’m digging deep into my personal stash of ‘get right”, and sharing the best of the best with you!  I’m only including things  that have worked for me, because I think things have more impact when I can speak from a place of first-hand experience.

Every Wednesday this month, I’m bringing you a resource to remind you how to define, design, and live your best life FROM THE INSIDE, OUT.

I’m keeping the same easy-peasy format from our Emotional Wellness Conference too.


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The When & What:

October 3Check in with your BODY :: Nurturing your body with food, fitness, & fire!

October 10 – Check in with your BRAIN :: Exploring alternative learning methods for you and your children

October 17 – Check in with your BUSINESS :: I’ll be calling out the B.I.T.C.H. within (yea, I said it–lol!), and I’m bringing a special friend along to rabble-rouse up in here, too! I can’t wait to get your opinion on this!

October 24 – Check in with your BELIEFS :: This is the grand finale, and I’m doing it via Google+ Hangouts this time! We’ll be talking about fear, productive failure, and a few other choice topics that define you and your actions.

During our Hangout, I’ll be giving away class passes to our online learning center, which goes live in mid-October! I’ll also be telling you more about my upcoming books as they’re designed to help you nurture your own emotional wellness.

I’m so exciiiiited (Pointer Sisters mojo)!!!

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