Check In With Your Body

Our bodies are such sore spots for many of us, and I wanted to start with our temples because of that very reason.

I know I struggled with my post-babies body for years before taking it on fully, dealing with the baggage behind it, and finally realizing how much I was hurting myself emotionally by judging, labeling, and sending negative energy to my temple.

How about you?  What body issues
are you working through (or avoiding!) today?

Let me offer you the three things that worked for me in transitioning from feeling broken to experiencing a sense of emotional wellness with my beautiful body.

I checked in with my FOOD

Chocolate and I divorced on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, and I know we’re both happier since the split.  I’m not one to practice the everything-in-moderation theory, so it was a tough battle to fight.  Ultimately though, I learned to replace larger portions of unhealthy foods (read: brownies, hard dough bread, blueberry pancakes, mixed dranks (not drinks, dranks!), etc.) with foods that helped my body operate more efficiently.

Monday fasting: From Sunday night (after dinner), until Tuesday morning, I water myself, meaning I indulge in water, coconut water, and more water.  If you’ve been here for a while, you know I stan hard for Jasai’s New Fast Girls movement, where I learned about the power of this refraining practice.  Because of this practice, my focus went from the lines on my belly, to the line of communication between my body and me.  Today, we’re happy together, and my Monday fasts remind me how to check in with my body.

Juicing Green Stuff: Plenty of other folks already know the benefits of juicing veggies, particularly since the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary came out. I can tell you from my experiences though, that juicing has aligned me with my body in incredible ways.  Regular bowel movements (TMI, but whatevs!), tons more energy, not one single cold, flu, or the like since I’ve been juicing (not a one!), and a mental clarity that I know is coming from the increased nutrients pumping through all 5′ 3″ of my body.  Drew Canole is a great place to start if you want simple recipes.

2. I checked in with my FITNESS

I don’t love to exercise.  Never have. Never will.  What I do enjoy, however, is doing a 3 mile walk/jog, and feeling the muscles in my body get stronger, without feeling like I’m going to pass out from overexertion.  I’m young and ambitious, and I need tons of realize these goals, raise these babies, and enjoy this life I’ve co-created with God.  That said, I had to get real about how to integrate results-oriented fitness into my life.  My go-to list:

Tiffany Rothe 10 Minute Workouts – These work so well for me! My favorites:

Boxer Babe
Mountain Climber
Ballerina Legs

Pop Pilates: 10 to 15 minutes of super-effective lower body workouts! Booyah! My faves:

Legilates Legcersizes
Obliques Ultimate

Tara Stiles Yoga.  This weight loss yoga workout is the business!

3. I checked in with my FIRE

Let me tell you a harsh truth: you and I undervalue ourselves, period! We get all “Who me? Wow!” when other people recognize our awesomesauce, and we depend too much on external validation to inspire us to be ourselves more. That shit has GOT to stop! We’re losing valuable life energy in this state of “Not Quite”, and it is echoed in our business, our babies (because they see and mimic what we do), and our capacity to risk expression.  I’ve been making a practice of feeling myself a little more, celebrating my talents and my tenacity, and checking in with my inner fire on a daily basis through:

Mirror Work:  literally looking into my own eyes in the mirror and speaking my truths to myself.  Also, looking at my body in the mirror, and reminding myself of my right to health, wellness, and joy.

Mental Work: meditation, prayer, and exploring my inner fears

Written Work: journaling, writing these blog posts, and writing letters to my former and future self

Kris took this picture of me last month, and I think it was a divine message the way the light shone around my belly. 

The message I received was that I was equipped to the core with the light, the fire, the fuel I need to serve the world and myself as I’ve been put here to do.

CAN YOU SEE THAT? *Goosebumps*

Okay, now I want to hear from you! 

How did all of that feel?

What can you use in all I’ve shared?

What do you do to check in with your body?