Chakras, Core Values, and Oh, Shit! Lists

Come Here!

First, I need you NOT to miss any live events that speak to us Execumamas next year!

Seriously, how will you define, design, and live your best-case scenario life if you’re busy reading posts, taking notes, and strategizing?  Those steps are muy importante, but um… the aspect of LIVING your vision, and getting the support, energy, and light of people who genuinely GET YOU is critical, mama! Without it, we’d be destined to tell our grandchildren heart-felt stories about what could have been if we weren’t too chicken shit to stop planning and start doing!

I’m not just talking about you either; I’m eye-ballin’ the woman in my mirror too. I learned so much about so much during my five days in the hills of Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and as I suspected, my lessons will affect the way you and I communicate.  For those of you with whom I’ve spoken directly (either via blog post comment, email, live, or by phone), I held your vision and intentions close as I journeyed. I got access like a mofo, sis, and I’m sharing it here, now.

I set an intention to engage + balance my root and throat chakras while in Jamaica. Since last November, I’ve learned the art of surrender, and with that came the genesis of a journey into who I truly am, and what I am here to give and get.  I knew being home would grant me access to my God|Self connection. I also knew that being there to deliver my Big Give was an honor that I had to completely give myself to, and learn from.

Everything is everything—that’s a common island saying, and it’s quite appropriate for the Everythings that are now much clearer, louder, and further embedded in my work as a Life Design practitioner. I’m putting you all up in my journal here (because we’re cool like dat!) So, peep the access, then create your own Oh Shit, [Your Name], Soul + Strategy List.

The Oh Shit, Akilah! List

Oh shit, Akilah…
you help women with self-expression and self-exploration, period! Ditch the labels, and dig into the work! #DoubleOhShit
:: update your Home + About pages accordingly
:: edit your offerings to hone in on those elements
:: stop trying to convince folks about the need for Life Design coaching, and simply convey the results you’ve given and gotten from your Expression Therapy™ journey!

Oh shit, Akilah…
you hadn’t fully let go of your need to plan the bejesus out of everything!
:: Set your intention. Expect access. Write out what comes. Go do more shit!
:: Stand your ground more! Don’t get nudged into stuff that didn’t flow to you in the first place.
:: Remember that it’s okay to tell people what you do and why you do it. No more Polite Polly stances; BE the resource!

Oh shit, Akilah…
Takeyah helped you see that your Core Value is Radical Self-Expression!
:: be more fluid in your approach to coaching and speaking. Let the process guide you even more. Trust harder. Know better than to need to control the flow
:: launch your youth-focused Life Design offering already!
:: dig deeper into the Mast(H)erMind process with Shelley, and give women more opportunities to practice radical self-expression!

Your turn. Take 30 minutes of alone time to think about your life right now.

What’s out of sync?
Where do you feel less than your best/highest self?
What resources are available to help you address that area?

That’s the SOUL work.
Now for some STRATEGY mojo…

What can you do from right where you are now?
What resources can you reach out to TODAY to start affecting change?
Who can you identify in your circle to help you get unstuck, clearer, and more in-motion with your highest self?  NEED MORE?

Here are 5 Fan-frkkin-tabulous resources for starters…

I’ve worked directly with every one of them, and I am positive they will help you find, explore, and appreciate your Big Give!

Take living personally with Takeyah
Wake up knowing with Dyana
Better your relationship with food via Shelley
Adorn your body with aromatic bliss via Itiel
And of course, dive into self-exploration + expression with me.