Post 18: Where Souls Go to Die

i feel value in looking past the moment these days, because should I stay (t)here—I will die. i will pack my bags, blow out my candles, roll up my mats, tie my locs back, and let my dreams die. should i stay in the moment, the bit of me that still sees the possibility of happiness will drown…

Post 25: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

>I posted this video on Google+ a while back, and it just came across my radar again today. Can I just say that Natalie Stewart (the Floacist) is such a lightbeam and a real example of radical self-expression in action. Take 15 minutes to breathe this in, and tell me you don’t want to just get off this computer and start risking expression in even bigger ways!

Radical Self-Expression Moments – Share Your Story

Sometimes, the simplest sentence can have the most profound impact. For example,
“You Deserve to Be Happy.” or “What You Seek Is Seeking You.”
or, in the case of the video at the end of this post…”Share Your Story.”

I feel like there are always 50 reasons why we should be quiet, and not enough reasons we should share how we feel. In this era of dumb ass reality shows and vine videos that leave permanent evidence of a human’s ability to make the worst possible choice, we can still use technology to create communities that heal.

Three Important Aspects of You

If we’ve been around each other for a while, you’ve probably heard me reference Inner Little Girl as an incredibly useful source of self-inquiry and potential healing. She’s been coming up a lot lately—in the form of various mermaids at that—and I thought I might talk a little bit more about her here, on this blog. What follows is an excerpt from Radical Self-Expression Manifesto that offers a deeper view of Inner Little Girl, and her …make that our…other spiritual aspects.

The Ultimate Selfie as a Mother’s Day Gift

If you’re blessed enough to have a mother figure like that in your life, whether you grew in her womb, or in her daughter’s womb, or whether she and you share no biological ties, but enjoy a deep spiritual connection, you know how much that means to your life. I’ve got a Mother’s Day offer just for those of us who have benefited from the listening ear, the honest discussion, the love, and the compassion of mother figures in our lives.

One Radical Assertion from a Woman Raising Daughters

I know you’ve either personally experienced or witnessed the friend-parent. The parent who is doing their best to manage their child’s feelings while they do what they feel they need to do as parents. They want their children to be happy, and that desire even extends into wanting their children to be happy with they choices they (as parents) are making for their children. I don’t think that works. I’m open to talk about it (via comments or direct email), but so far, I think that’s more about a parent’s fear than a child’s wellbeing.


I write in order to access myself, and to understand myself. I always have. When I write, my innate voice gets to quell the noise and speak to and through me. It’s so freakin’ dope to have this skill and this desire to use written word as my key to…all of it. Writing is freedom. No doubt, writing is more than what I do, it is how I do, and how I be.

Jay-Z Emphasizes the Value of Context and Self-Expression

Jay-Z will reference the importance of developing and trusting one’s own voice, particularly in the face of turmoil and less-than-ideal environments. He designed the life he wanted, and in this video, he is sharing, using a humble wisdom and comforting wit, reminds us why we must risk expression if we want to live well and be excellent. Tell ’em, Hov!


“Perhaps the whole root of our trouble, the human trouble, is that we will sacrifice all the beauty of our lives, will imprison ourselves in totems, taboos, crosses, blood sacrifices, steeples, mosques, races, armies, flags, nations, in order to deny the fact of death, which is the only fact we have.” James Baldwin, Radical Self-Expressionist


Action, not inspiration, is how we find and explore ourselves. We can read great books, study great women, applaud great men, and cry at the memories of those who found their voices, and in some cases lost their lives to share what inspired them to action. But until we take it to heart; until we are willing to test our own wings,…