Kendrick Lamar, Sa-Roc, and Messages in the Music

The issue as I see it, is not the artist’s choice of self-expression, it’s our tendency to rely on someone else to tell us what’s hot and what’s not. Listen with your whole self, and by all means, get down to whatever feels good. But if you’re like me and you crave deep and dope, artistry in music, and lyrics from people you’d actually want to have a conversation with, don’t look to the radio, search for yourself, and share with the world.

Post 6: 8 Questions About Motherhood and Ma’at

Are you familiar with the term, Ma’at? It’s the name of the Egyptian Goddess who represented truth, order, and balance. Ma’at is also used as a philosophy that carries the same energy as the Goddess. So, one can practice living Ma’at by seeking harmony among all aspects of life.

The term, for me, holds particular significance in my experiences with motherhood, as I believe in harmony over balance, when it comes to work-life flow. For me, the practice of living Ma’at helps me prioritize the role of curiosity in motherhood

I feel that I get better at understanding my daughters when I stop assuming that I know, and start getting curious about what might be. I know it probably sounds more sensible to say that we have to know what our children need, but I caution you against that.

Post 26: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Vanessa was one of our brilliant honorees at Radical Self-Expression Summit. I love so many things about this woman whom my Literal Self barely knows. Among those many things are that she is incredibly familiar to my Spiritual Self, and that she has a strong tendency to appreciate magic, and to be magical herself are traits that top my reasons-to-love-her list.

Post 27: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

I know most of you who read my blog are based in the U.S. and Canada, but if you have any friends or family in Jamaica, please share this with them. I’m sharing it with you because as I watched the video, I saw a woman who was risking expression by creating art that fit her unique needs and flow. I honor that, and part of how I turn honor into action is by sharing.

Post 28: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Confession: I have a favorite performance from Radical Self-Expression Summit. It’s my firstborn daughter, Marley. She performed a piece from my manifesto, and owned it in such a way that it elicited applause, reflections, and tears from the hands, eyes, and souls of our attendees. Kris and I are so very proud of her for reminding us how to risk expression!