Breathing Through Doubt: 7 TRUST Tips For Your Life Design

When we take the chance and jump feet first into the waters of our FULLEST SELVES, there’s never a shortage of …

Fear. Doubt. Unknowns. What-ifs. Unexpecteds. Self-deprication.  Set-backs. Haters (yep, them too).

Whether it’s with a personal or professional relationship, a business venture, or heck, a new shade of eye-shadow (I’m rocking a red right now that shows up super-bright against my dark-brown skin), we can often be the reliable source of our own fail-before-we-fly experience.

Here’s the thing though, I’ve heard versions of the following message from so many sources, including those nestled within my own Spirit and Source (God), that I cannot ignore, though trust me, at times, I try.  It’s been embedded in indelible ink on pages that changed my life. It’s made it’s way through the expansive word list tunnels of memory bank. It’s flowed beautifully from the lips of great orators and lesser-known knowledge droppers alike. It’s simple, it’s faith-infused, and it’s as real as it gets.  The message?

When we accept that we are good enough right where we are, and that our unique voice is of immeasurable value,  it is then that we can do our life’s work, and truly begin to thrive.

Let me assure you, as I swim along in this journey of life design, of my fullest self, of the Execumama Lifestyle, I forget at times to honor my unique self.  Instead, I try to measure myself against the greatness of others in a way that moves from admiration and mentorship, to a place of self-pity and not-enoughness.  What keeps me inspired enough to snap out of my unproductive funk, and gather my royal gown hem to continue along my path is ONE KEY ELEMENT that I happily offer to you right now.  That element, my friends, is TRUST.

Seriously, it’s that simple, and as I was reminded of it yet again today during an excellent women’s networking group event, I knew you needed to hear it too.  Again, the element is TRUST.  More specifically:

  1. TRUST that the resources you need will present themselves when you need them most.
  2. TRUST that persons who somehow have a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals will find you and make  you aware of their presence.
  3. TRUST that you will have ample opportunity to walk your talk.
  4. TRUST that a connection with your gut instinct will lead you through the maze of it all.
  5. TRUST that all of this, if you can just pay attention, is an evolution of your mind/heart into a space that if you let it, will allow you to soar.
  6. TRUST in your connection to Source; the proof that you are from the Divine, and therefore are worthy of the blessings you are poised to receive.
  7. TRUST that all you need to do is decide, and then breathe life into that decision every single day, just as YOU breathe every day.

Do something every day that is square in line with your FULLEST self.  Do you believe your journey here is worth at least that much effort? Of course you do. Now from here, simply take one more step; then another; then…