Breathe, laugh, and drum your way to Emotional Wellness

What you know ’bout relationship guilt, woman?

Ever been in a friendship that drained you far more than it sustained you? Some friendships take you so low, that you are forced to propel yourself upward by being honest with yourself and learning how to value your own needs.

Today’s speaker is going to talk about that. #TakeNotes

Michelle Currie owns and operates a rhythm and wellness company — hello? Like that’s not reason enough to invite her to share her insights with us!

In her session, Michelle gives us some “Red flag” indicators in friendships, and tells us what she did to get herself out of that space gracefully.

Michelle has the sweetest, most calming demeanor, and though I haven’t yet met her IRL, we connected via Twitter more than a year ago, and I’ve been her e-cheerleader ever since.  She’s based in Toronto, Canada, and by the support she’s gathered online (and I’m sure locally) she’s clearly in Life Design mode.

I love the idea of sister circles of any kind. I’m also an avid chanter and I practice meditation, so the idea of drumming, rhythm, breathwork, and self-awareness are right in line with my life and work.

How about you? Does the current rhythm of your life need some fine tuning? Well, see if this puts a bit of sway in your hips:


Keep the rhythm going by commenting below, and by connecting with Michelle this way:

Twitter: @MeditativeArts