Arielle Loren Gives Big #WWGB

“We embrace human curiosity”

You KNOW that caught my attention.

Curiosity has saved the quality of my life many times over, and it’s that same sense of unabashed embrace of wonder that sits at the base of Arielle Loren’s Corset Magazine.

Corset Tweets

I was first introduced to Arielle’s work by way of my fellow blogger turner sister-friend, Itiel McVay (of Smell Goods ’98). The writer and filmmaker had penned a rather brow-raising piece on black feminist pornography (say whaaaat?!) for Clutch magazine, and I was instantly drawn in by her embrace of life design.“Racial fantasies oversaturate the market and porn directors continue to showcase voluptuous Black women’s bodies as fetish pieces for White and Black men,” Loren writes. “The state of Black feminist porn is dire; there are numerous obstacles ahead to achieving the visual production of [a] Black women’s desire and truthfully, the mantra needs to be `For us, By us.’”

Clearly, Arielle was unmuted and engaged in
Defining …
Designing …
Living … her fullest version of WOMAN.

It was official—my MacBook and I would thoroughly Google the bejesus out this new source of Light in the very near future. ☺

Then, as is usually the case, Creator saw fit to engage my interests with a further connection. The same day Itiel sent me the email, Arielle emailed me in celebration of  her newest discovery—The LightCaster’s Project—right before her next big Life Design journey; a move from New York to Salvador (Bahia), Brazil.

I felt a very authentic connection to Arielle.  My exploration of her work and journey left me wide open, and intensely curious in a way usually reserved for the Amiri Barakas, Nina Simones, Sizzla Kalonjis, and fine ass! Maxwells in my mental space.

The conversations she’s creating online—that insistence with which she handles self-exploration and radical self-expression—is the VERY REASON I started practicing and creating Life Design techniques! Women Unapologetically Un-muted.

I had to give her a piece of my mind…

“Arielle, I read (and re-read) your recent email about settling in to Brazil, and I’m continuing to follow your Life Design. I took several long deep breaths as your words gave me permission to continue following my bliss as well. God that felt good! I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that your work—the move, the documentary, the magazine, your blog, all of it—is supported by many of us who see ourselves in you.”

Here’s how Arielle Loren Gives Big:




Of course, I purchased a copy.
And of course, I devoured it in one sitting.

And then again because I believe in indulgence.

Here is the symphony of emotions conjured as I took in the premiere issue…

Corset Magazine Word Orgy

How do you view your sensuality as it relates to your daily choices and experiences? Are you hiding from the woman in the mirror?  Is it working?

The magazine stirs from those kinds of pots, and if that’s your kind of stew…

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Go ahead—risk expression, mama!
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