Are You Layer-Free?

Framed Chaos, created by Niels Roza, at times, feels oddly familiar.

I recently read this post from one of my favorite blogs, and boy did it stir up some much-needed chaos in my mind space.

I fought it for a while, but ultimately, the truth won, and I’m already a better woman through that battle.  Here’s my truth, and I’m sharing it because of course, my hope is that it inspires you to peel back any unnecessary layers to unearth your own truth as well.

As always, my journey is about Life Design, and I certainly can’t be my fullest self with a bunch of “protective layers” placed there long before I made the decision to consciously create my best self.


The TRUTH is...I tend to be gifted with simple ideas, but complicate them, in part so that they’re harder to execute.  Why would any relatively sane person do that, one might ask?  Well, because if it doesn’t happen, I can dote over how brilliant my idea was until “all that crap” got in the way.  I CHOOSE TO SHED THAT LAYER, AND FOCUS ON THE EXECUTION OF SIMPLE CONCEPTS.

The TRUTH is…I’m wishy-washy at times.  I want to be decisive, but then I can’t quite decide on what I want to be decisive about. Okay dude, stop furrowing your brows in confusion, I know it sounds eight kinds of crazy. For me, it’s akin to the whole “choose your battles” advise.  Fine, I’d love to choose my battles, and I do; it’s just that I choose most of them, most of the time, so now what?!  I’LL MEDITATE ON THIS ONE.

The TRUTH is…I have a sneaking suspicion that the journey and the destination are one in the same.  In other words, THERE IS NO DESTINATION, THERE IS ONLY THE JOURNEY. Freaking.Wowzers. Just reading that gives me goosebumps.  Instead of pressing on through loads of crap, coated by the layer that says “It’s okay, this is just where you are now. It’ll get better. Blah, blah, cry,” I choose to re-affirm what I’ve always known: TRUSTING MY PROCESS IS THE ONLY WAY TO TRULY ENJOY MY JOURNEY.

What are your truths? Care to share? I’m moved to create a list of truths based on what your responses are.  I’m thinking we can help each other through tough decisions and bouts with fear by re-affirming each other’s truths.

Well, what ya’ got for me?