Announcing My Death and Accessing My Top-Shelf Self

You know how bars and nightclubs have drinks they sell to people who just want a glass (or 3) of something nice to sip on while they hold a vibe and get into the scene, right?

And then they have the drinks that are considered premium quality stuff that costs more, and are usually reserved for the (perceived) ballers who want to appear like they’ve got dough, or the (actual) guys and gals who prefer and can afford what is said to be a higher quality alcohol in comparison to the regula ass (more common, less expensive) brands.

The spirits that fall into the latter category, I’ve come to learn, are called Top Shelf.

Most of us are meant to operate at our Top Shelf level, but most of us seldom identify with that space. Instead, the option of Regula-assness seeps into our lives and becomes our new norm for one of two reasons:

A. We’ve grown accustomed to hanging out in the Do Just Enough zone, or
B. We’ve sold ourselves the story that we can only access our Top Shelf Selves when we

…are making more money,
…finally get our perfect bodies,
…find that ideal man or woman,
…finally accomplish that professional goal,
…get our children to a certain point in their lives…

the list of excuses go on and on. But ultimately, I believe that our Top Shelf Selves are mislabeled as the rewards of excellence, and instead should be viewed as the access point to everything else we desire.

This month, I am laser-focused on my Top Shelf Self.

Regula-ass Akilah finally died. She’s been ailing for almost a year now, and when she finally transitioned, she was very clear that she didn’t want a funeral or a memorial service——she just wanted to stay dead.

I am now in the realm of creation where the responsibility for manifestation of all that I know, is fully assumed, and the decisions I make about what I choose to believe in, are paramount.

Indeed, I will focus this month on all that I know, not just in thought and written word, but in action and consistent prioritization.

I’ll keep you posted on the specific things I’m doing this month to embody #TopShelfMe. I’ll be posting on my Instagram account and Twitter, so if you’re interested, follow me in either or both of those spaces.

And as always, I invite you to hit reply, this time to tell me all about your visions of your Top Shelf Self.