An Invitation to Get Free with Me!

Ever had that sort of revelation that hemmed you up, stared you in the face, and said, “I wish you would try to ignore the likes of me!”?

I freakin’ LIVE for those breakthroughs!
And I often wonder about you, and your impossible-to-ignore revelations.

That “hem me up” energy is precisely the echo that rocked the bells inside my soul, and busted down doors in the soul of my co-illuminator on this movement, Katrina.

I want you to see me pour into this new book and movement…
And I want to hear your stories about being trapped in work, at home, or in your fears.

It’s a live broadcast on Google+ Hangouts, and you can access it simply by adding our page to your circles, then logging on at 9PM (EST) this Friday.

Here, let me walk you through the EASY-PEASY process:

1. Circle Liberated Queens –> <— on your G+ page
2. On Nov. 9th at 9 pm EST, log on to Google Plus and visit that same page.
3. The event Hangout video will be visible on the page. Click the “play” button on the Hangout that’s showing up “On Air”, and voila, you’ll be watching the live stream.
4. Participate by posting your comments on the Hangout thread or on our events page.

I’d love your opinion on how what you see on November 9th ties in to what you want for yourself and your business.

Will you be there?

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