Admit It, You Suck! So S.T.O.P. Doing It.

…but that’s not the REAL YOU, love. We’ve ALL been to the foothills of Sucktivity, and for one reason or another, decided to set up shop there.

But I come bearing news, yo! *Insert Coming to America dancers & make-you-move music here*

It turns out that Sucktivity is a paper wall, and to move past suckage, we simply just STOP!

Surrender To Our Purpose. S.T.O.P!

Exhibit A: I’m yanking copy from Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo’s soul-selling offering to get you/me thinking SOLUTION, not LAMENTING.
Exhibit B: I’m co-hosting The Brownie Monologues in NY this Saturday, and Shelley and I will get all anti-suckfest by facilitating an evening of Radical Self-Expression.

Excuse me, ma’am; are any of these bags yours?

Travel Girl Suckage


Because you keep choosing that lesser version of yourself.
Because you bought into the lie that you’re not THAT great.
Because you keep doing that wishy-washy thing with your Great Work.
Because most of us go to Suckville to visit, and end up renting real estate.
Because you keep ditching your actual Life Design for the carbon copy of your Self.

But what if you and I just STOPPED DOING THAT STUFF? Mainly because it feels friggin’ horrible, but also because it lands us square in the middle of the opposite direction of our best lives!

Yanked copy I referred to a minute ago…

What’s on your “stop-doing” list? What do you need to delegate (or eliminate), to make space for magic?

In other words, how can you stop feeling Stuck/Sucky/Unsure/Fresh-outta-ideas, and start wielding your powers about for the Greater Good?

I’ll start us off, if you promise to go next…

Akilah’s (partial) Stop-doing List

+ Stop needing to know the end of the story
+ Stop deciding that it will be hard for me to raise money
+ Stop putting my own expectations onto other people’s actions
+ Stop thinking that no one will get it
+ Stop dumbing shit down just in case it makes someone uncomfortable
{additional items omitted by author because she now feels pretty naked}

Well…?  What’s on your Stop-doing List, mama? Don’t try to front either! I SEE YOU!