About That “What If” Factor…

Don’t test-drive that idea, because hellooooo…What If…you know?

Many a woman have burned themselves trying to give What If a go.

Forget about the way it made you feel when you started creating that thing!

You know just as well as the next gal that you can’t fly right with one wing.

That one wing is creative desire, but the other wing just isn’t there

That other wing is money, time, resources, and freedom from any doubt or fear

And since you’re not quite rich yet, and you tend to get a little afraid,

Don’t you dare try to move forward in faith, and risk losing whatever you’ve made!

Sit it down! Stay put! Get grateful for surviving your past!

Imagine little old you getting big and happy? You KNOW that’s an impossible task.

You are not allowed to sacrifice your family and time from something that may not even be real

It’s about being realistic, and timing it just right, not just going by how something makes you feel.

Save your money. Plan out every detail, and wait on the sidelines for your turn.

After all, success isn’t something you get, it’s something that you earn.

Certainly, you have not earned it, so I’ll give you a dose of what’s true

You can claim your right to be lazy, uninspired, and just keep doing what you do.

Because What If is a Big Bad Wolf, and you’re only….well… YOU.