A word about jacked-up emotions

Ever have one of those days when all the positive, hopeful, glass half-full thoughts feel like a load of crap?

Remember that day when you just couldn’t seem to get out of your “jacked-up” emotions rut, and so you just tensed up your abdomen to prepare yourself for the mental hits? Remember feeling that way?

It’s best to avoid that feeling, right? No, not at all.

Feeling dismal is a painful feeling, but oftentimes, that feeling is our body convulsing, heaving up unwanted matter, and forcing it to the surface so you can resolve it.

Those jacked-up emotions have risen up because something in your life gave them permission to do so, and you now have the opportunity to choose your Source over your situation.

When I practice letting my emotions serve as reminders of the need to heal, not the need to relive the pain attached to the emotion, I release the anger sooner, and I make choices that I’m proud of, not frightened by.

That is my personal process, and it is also part of my professional practice.  My work is about helping women like you design a practice that allows you to nurture the breakthroughs, and live freely as your true Self.  Use this weekend to catch up on conference sessions.  Enjoy yourself!
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