A Warning on Limiting Beliefs


We went to the beach yesterday, and I heard things.

Things that reminded me of my own tendency to worry about not knowing exactly how something is going to turn out. I’ve gotten so much better with releasing expectations over the years, but I still have work to do, and I’m up for that shit.

How about you? Are you up for exploring and eventually releasing the things that stop you from taking those lifestyle risks? Those risks, that if they worked, would shift you from regular-ass to exceptional in how you operated and how you felt.

I know this type of work can be so hard sometimes, because there are no precise charts, books, and lists specific to your set of fears and issues. I know and I feel you.

So I wanted to remind you of something…

The reality that acquiescence—to fear, doubt, and oh-shit-what-if—is never your only option. I know for a fact that you have survived plenty of “impossible” situations, and you have conjured, prayed, strategized, and inuited your way through many a doubt-ridden times. Keep going, believe even more that you are designed to thrive, and use everything within your reach to support that belief.

In essence, go ahead, risk expression.