A Small Victory Based On Writing Better Bios

I forgot to celebrate a recent self-expression victory out loud. I wrote and published an ebook called Bio Mojo: Crafting Professional Bios That Sell. I ran a 5-day free download promotion on Amazon, and my little ebook ranked among the top 8 downloads in the small business category and among the top 25 downloads in the entrepreneurship category.


Those are competitive categories, and I’m feeling really good about how many people used the opportunity to write better bios for themselves!

Please back up so I don’t kick you during this stellar celebratory breakdancing moment:

 photo breakdancing.gif
I write books because I just have to. Stories need telling, narratives need reclaiming, and I’m designed to seek out the story in everything!  But bios, I write those because I want to. When I join forces with magical people to take their bios from regular to ROAR!, I want them reading it, and feeling so very read to walk into a room, throw a copy of their bio on a table, and do this…


I’m working on a couple of bios right now, and I’m going to be sharing the process with you over the next few weeks. I want you to see the process because it could help you get your Bio Mojo on too. If your bio doesn’t reflect your vision for yourself and your work, it’s a muted version of you, and that You deserves to be shared. If you want a copy of it, Bio Mojo is on Amazon.com.  It’s simple and solid, I promise.