A Short Self-Care Read to Feed Your GodSelf

What do you do to activate self-love?

One might say that self-love should not need to be activated, and instead readily available and naturally occurring.

To that, I’d say self-love is just like breathing. We don’t have to think about it for it to happen; it is natural. However, there is an undeniable chance to regain our sense of personal power when we remember—especially when we are afraid or anxious—to take a long deep breath.

As natural as breathing already is, taking leadership of that process —especially when part of you wants to Hulk out and just be mad out loud—can offer such a simple way to reconnect with our ability to do more than just react to a situation. It is okay to activate self-love. And perhaps, it is more than okay; maybe the skill is what helps us turn self-love into self-care.

For me, spirituality is how I activate self-love, taking it from an idea in my head to a real part of my daily experiences. Daily experiences with spiritual exploration also directly influence my barometer for self-care. This means, for example, that I’m less likely to get sick before I realize I need to make time for myself. I use rituals to root myself in my spiritual beliefs, and to facilitating the welling that keeps me connected to my GodSelf.

1. To rise to the surface, ready to flow
2. To rise or surge from an inner source

What iswithin you?

If you are drawn to spirituality, and perhaps not to religion, this book in its short and sweet, deep and dope, explanatory and exploratory nature, is ideal for creating space for your welling. I put it on a 99 cent super sale because I want more people to grab it, feel it out, use it up, and share their thoughts by way of a review. I’m inviting you to initiate your own welling through this offering. May it serve you in ways that feed your soul and inspire your continued exploration of your spiritual intuition!

The Power of Spiritual Self-Care